I'm Lindsay.

I have never felt a deep desire for children, something of which I’ve felt ashamed. As I've wrestled more intentionally with the question of motherhood, I've become achingly aware of the stigma and stereotypes childless women face around not having children. 

I am not a mother of children, I may never be. But does this preclude me from motherhood? I’m coming to believe the answer is no. 

I’m coming to believe that motherhood is a woman’s birthright, regardless of whether she is known by the name Mom or not. I’m coming to believe that any woman can claim her ability to nurture and care, to express the creativity of her body, to give birth to something new. 

It feels important to open up this conversation, for my process and hopefully for yours. It feels important to validate other ways of mothering because not all women are called to have children, and it is not an inferior lifestyle. 

This is why I created Other Motherhood. It is a space to explore, share, discover, accept, expand, revere.

Other Motherhood is a call to unearth and affirm our version of what it means to be a mother, whatever shape that takes in our individual lives.